TRUCK Car BUS 5 in 1 Diagnostic Service Console (OBD/OBDii scanner + laptop + 8x adapter cable)

Model No.
TCS 5-1
Made in
Mainland China
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  • Interface Type:OBD/OBDii + 8x adapter cable
  • Vehicle type:All cars, most trucks & buses
  • Diagnostic scenario:by versatile diagnostic software

Key Features

for purchasing and shipping, pleasecontact hotware@dc-ac.tw

WIN10 with OBD(1&2) for TRUCK CarBUS 5 in 1 Diagnostic Service Console

 Console pack contains :

Scanner (multiplexer)

New Laptop (WIN 10)

Adapter cable pack

Diagnostic software

1. For all cars, trucks & buses withOBD, OBDii & 8x adapter cables

2. Diagnostic & scan, clear errorcode, for all cars, trucks and buses 

3. Professional image and service forgarage and service center

4. Handy, capable and professional imagefor personal vehicle work shop

Payment Details

  • Minimum Order:1
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