Long distance cordless phone extender - up to 100Km

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  • Type:Cordless
  • Communication mode:dual-frequency, full duplex

Key Features

(The price has covered 35m cable, power supply, yagi antenna)


Long distance phone extneder - up to 100Km

  • 25 Watt, extends up to 100Km !!!

  • Extendingthe telecommunication service (phone and fax) from city to far ruralareas: isolated islands, mines, jungles, mountains, farms, construction sites,villages…. Up to  100Km

  • Extendinghouse phone into car mobile phone… up to dozens km.

  • Quickly& Easily to get Phone/Fax line in isolated areas lacking of telephoneservice facilities.

Immediate,low-cost, easy and wireless solution for Rural Telecom Service Provider.No wasting time to wait! No huge cost for telephone wire installation!Wide coverage and applications

  • Superlong-range: up to 100Km.

  • SupportPoint-to-Point and Point-to-Mobile network.

  • Multi-compatible:connecting for phone or PABX/KTS or fax or modem (internet),point-to-point, or point-to-mobile (car)

  • Fullyduplex: 2-way conversation fully available at the same time!!

  • Faxtransmission available!

  • AutoScanning: 6 channels auto scan

  • Scramblefunction: secure the confidentiality of your conversation.

  • Twoway paging and intercom.

  • Tone/Pulsedialing mode switchable

Transparenttransmission: whatever signal on the line is transmitted properly!

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