Ceiling mounted WiFi AP for indoor hotspot

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  • Duplex mode:MIMO 2T2R

Key Features

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         * 2.4GHz, 802.11NGB, 2T2R MIMO

  • Advanced MIMO technology: 300Mbps (2T2R)
  • Big RF power 700mW(28dBm) or EIRP 37dBm (5-watt with 9-dBi MIMO antenna)
  • Huge memory, 32MB + 8MB supporting prevailing and enhanced features (largest user base =128 clients, watch-dog no lock-up, AP locator, highest encryption, ping, trace, site survey, QoS, MAC filter, spanning tree…)
  • Multi-functional: AP/Bridge/client/repeater
  • Multi-SSID: up to 4x SSID
  • Powerful network security with 64/128-bit WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2 encryption
  • Auto MDI/ MDIX
  • Support VLAN , VPN pass through & SNMP
  • Watch-dog function, auto/scheduled reboot
  • QoS: WMM, MAC filter, spanning tree protocol
  • AP locator: Window locators utility for centralized management
  • Support POE (48V/1A) or POE Switch connectionscheme

The prevailing vantages are mainly basedon HUGE MEMORY (32+8MB) as follows:


1) it is ceiling mount, looks just likea smoke detector, good looking;


2) 700mW (28dBm big power), or EIRP37dBm (with 9-dBi MIMO antenna),  802.11NGB, 2T2R MIMO; POE 48V/1A or POEswitch (48V) for cascading and propagation purpose.


3) huge memory, 32MB+8MB supporting allthe prevailing vantages: watch dog, 4 SSID, Largest client base (128) andbandwidth capacity,


4) AP locator utility for management,watch dog, auto/scheduled reboot, no lock-up, spanning tree, site survey…


5) Handy, new and wise innovation forhotel, mall, library, office, department stores, conference hall…. Indoor WiFicoverage applications (easily powered and cascaded by POE switch)

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