700MHz non-LOS AP/BRIDGE/CPE Up to 20Km

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  • Operating mode:AP/bridge/CPE/repeater - programmable
  • Frequency type:non-LOS (no need line of sight)

Key Features

for purchasing and shipping, please contact hotware@dc-ac.tw

Price covers complete package with all ncessary accessories : 25m cable, 1.2m RF cable, POE, mounting kit

XPRO-700G, 700MHz AP for non-LOS application 

(up to 20Km non-LOS)

700/900 MHz ISM band, non-LOS capability
Advanced LED signal status indicator for easy site survey and antenna alignment – LED RSSI
3 operating options: Peer-to-Peer (Bridge), Base (AP), CPE (client)
16 + 64MB huge memory for professional operations
Support V-LAN, SNMP v2, DHCP client, spanning tree, web-based GUI, user isolation…
Channel bandwidth adjustable  (5/10 MHz)

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